Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hand Drawing Into Digital Illustrations

My favorite part about using Adobe Illustrator is not the fact that I can make awesome logos, but I an make my hand drawing illustrations into digital illustrations. If you really like drawing and creating illustrations then the digital versions come out quite nicely. I started out with my drawing of a Nine Tail Fox (with Naruto in mind) from my sketchbook. I am always thing anime (most of the time) when sketching or drawing and I am normally drawing in black and white.

I took a high resolution photo (or you can use a scanner) and first opened up Adobe Photoshop to get the white areas (or white space) as clean as possible. If you have a color image, then make sure the image is greyscale [Image --> Mode --> Greyscale]. You can adjust the image to improve on sharpness and contrast [Image --> Adjust --> Brightness/Contrast --> Levels]. Cleaning up the image gets you an awesome trace in Illustrator. After I cleaned up the image a bit, I saved the file as a .tiff file, which is a lot easier because it saves without a background but you can save as a .jpeg as well. Also, you can just bring the .psd file into illustrator. After opening Adobe Illustrator, I clicked on the image to select it. Then, I clicked the small box to the right of the Live Trace button called Tracing Presets and Options and scroll down to Tracing Options.

  • Click "Preview", which enables you to see the effects live as you change the settings.
  • Click "Ignore White", which enables the setting that the white background is not present.
  • Set the Mode: Select "Black and White". Leave Raster set to No Image and Vector se.t to Tracing Results, and check "Fills"
That is about it on how I create a digital illustration. Online there are various different methods on doing this.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Illustrated Logo "Soul and Spirit"

An assignment I had completed back in February was to create a statement using typography. I used the idea of drug addiction. Design sometimes brings you to a revelation about something you experienced in the past. My mother was addicted to cocaine while pregnant with me without my father knowing. He was able to stop her until I was born. It seem like she did not want to be a mother anymore r maybe it was overwhelming. There is no excuses but addictions can really effect the soul and spirit of a human being making it difficult to be "normal" or to stop.

The idea was to use my drawing abilities and then bring it into Adobe illustrator and then make the text appear it was written on the walls or the concrete ground.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Inspiration Is Everywhere

Wherever I go I try to find inspiration even through simple images that take not towards the clients and more appreciation towards the artists. Sometimes the clients like to get over thinking the designer works for free and sometimes get agitated when it does not go the way it was supposed to. Check these three images. We as artists should be able to make a statement because we too, work for a living.