Thursday, March 26, 2015

What Does Design Mean?

Everyone has their version of what design means to them. If someone asked you what design means, could you answer in one sentence? Here is a technical definition:
"Graphic Design is the use of visual communication to solve a problem"
However, do you think that every design project have a problem? Not necessarily. The word design means lots of different things to different people. But nearly everyone you meet says that it's obvious what design is. They are often surprised to find that other people mean something different by design than they do. My idea of the meaning of design is simply in my own perspective. Design is something that evokes emotions but also makes a reaction. This may sum of what design is whether it is good or bad. 

What is design to you? I am curious to what other individuals think whether they are designers or not.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What Is Typography?

Typography has its roots in calligraphy and handwriting. Typography is idealized writing. Bringhurst said type "gives the illusion of superhuman patience and precision to the writing hand." Typefaces are standardized ways of writing the characters in our alphabet in order to communicate to a wide audience. This visible, durable form of language is responsible for the spread of information and therefore, for much of human advancement. Think about it . . . you're using it right now.

Typography forms a link between a writer and a reader. Typefaces give a voice to the text. Big letters shout. Small letters whisper. Serif typefaces articulate. Grunge fonts mumble and slur. Scripts sing. Sans serifs speak in business-like tones. Type gives the text a personality—a face. As you will understand from the Typecast worksheet we are doing this module, there is meaning inherent in typographic forms.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Importance of Having A Domain

I have learned the importance of having a website and domain to promote myself especially as a Graphic Designer. Credibility and ownership is just the beginning. Having a domain truly builds your credibility. Those who view your page or website will take you more serious. The domain name is your first impression towards your website. The feeling you get when you own your first apartment or own your first car is similar to having your own domain. It is unique and no one else has it. You can get a domain for about $20 per year (maybe more or maybe less depending on where you get it from). Get a .com, but also purchase the rights of, .org, .net so no one else can take it. Having a domain really builds your reputation. Not having one gives an amateur look to your page and/or website.

I personally have two websites, one for person and one for business. You can visit my personal website at and my upcoming company website at Both websites have a display of my graphic design work and a way to contact me.

It is highly recommended that you realize the importance of having a domain name and get your own domain name registered if you are serious about making a mark on the internet.